Future of Device Intelligence and IoT for PNG

IoT Network Operator

the internet of things is Here!

As the Internet of Things (IoT) enters a much more pragmatic and active phase, leaders must embark on the opportunity to enter this market for improved business efficiency and accuracy. From smart businesses to smart cities, today IoT is transforming industries at a rapid phase. It provides businesses with operational efficiency, workforce productivity, and demonstrates quantifiable benefits for business success.

IoT solutions connect people, processes, and devices further creating responsive surroundings and workspaces. It guarantees to change people’s lives

Get connected for the future!

Are you ready for a connected future? e-CoNeXT is offering end-to-end IoT solutions and accessibility over  world’s extensive IoT networks to deliver informed insight for your business.


Energy Efficient

Low data payloads & lower power emissions No permanent signaling Low power consumption by devices - years of battery life


“Out-of-the-box” connectivity - no pairing required. Simple network infrastructure requirements.

Global Network

Global, homogeneous and scalable network. One cloud through which all data transits. Real-time signal processing at scale.

Lower Cost

Subscription model with small annual fees. Licence-free ISM band and cost-efficient base stations. Licence-free, standardized, low unit value chipsets.