About Us

Beyond Connectivity

Founded in Papua New Guinea in September 2018, e-CoNeXT Limited, aims to become the first and leading network service provider for smart connected devices and Internet of Things in Papua New Guinea utilizing the unlicensed ISM bands for radio access and connectivity. Based in the capital, Port Moresby the company aims to roll out its services to other major centres and industrial establishments where its service will transform efficiency and the way businesses are conducted.

We a setting up a communication infrastructure that connects of a wide range of simple IoT devices and making everything around us come alive and communicate with us. 

e-CoNeXT Team

Meet our team of entrepreneurs with a vision of a connected future and on  a mission to improve lives through empowering massive IoT in PNG.

Wesley Yanum

Managing Director

Wesley Yanum 13 years of experience in both government and business covering business development and project management. Wesley is an entrepreneur who established Bernal No. 8 Limited (parent company of e-CoNeXT) which is developing the Graceville Estates in Port Moresby. Wesley has degree in cartography and lands studies from the PNG University of Technology (2006) and is the current Managing Director of both e-CoNeXT and Bernal No. 8 Limited.

William Kep

Operations Manager

William has over 15 years of experience in commerce and accounting positions with various companies. William was recently the Operations & Finance Manager of Porgera Camp Services and was also a Business Coordinator with PNG LNG Project during the contractions phase. William has a degree in commerce from PNG University of Technology (2004) and now is the Operations Manager at Bernal No. 8 Limited (e-CoNeXT parent company) and also the Corporate and Commercial Manager at e-CoNeXT.