Environment Monitoring

Environmental conditions monitoring solutions provide to you real-time data for your precise locations. Remotely track, control and plan using critical data delivered through this cost effective intelligent devices.

Use Cases

Soil Monitoring

Soil monitoring sensors deliver real-time readings of soil temperature, volumetric water content, and air temperature  at customizable intervals, eliminating the need for manual readings. 

Accurately predict optimal planting times, reduce water usage, and minimize the plant stress that comes from over or under- watering.

Analyze historical patterns to make better long- term crop management decisions.

Water Monitoring

Sensors monitor the water quality and temperature in real time and 24/7.

Measure the efficiency, performance, and compliance risks (e.g. HSE 274) of the water system

Alerts are sent to the user in case of corrosion, calcium scaling, chlorine overdose, high pH and other harmful situations…


Weather Monitoring

Weather conditions monitoring solutions give you the data you need to make accurate decisions. Remotely access real-time information about rainfall, temperature changes, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise location.
Optimize labor, water usage and crop health etc..

Temperature & Humidity

Detect a change of temperature or humidity beyond a set threshold. Alarm is transmitted immediately if a threshold value is reached.

Sensors for the monitoring of temperatures on stationary locations and moving cargo transportation. 

Air Monitoring

Remotely monitor the temperature and humidity conditions of your indoor areas of interest.

Installed in offices, houses, warehouses, storage rooms, or on assets moving indoor, the sensors will send levels of temperature and humidity periodically or when triggered by an event.