Our Solutions

IoT connectivity provider for Papua New Guinea

Paving  its way into the IoT market as the first licensed operator to provide IoT connectivity for PNG, e-CoNeXT aims to provide connectivity solutions to improve the way businesses operate in real-time with IoT.

our solutions


Reduce costly on-site meter readings and cut down on unnecessary maintenance visits. Monitor water supply and wastewater networks, remotely survey electrical poles, and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real time.


Asset tracking is now affordable, easy to install and maintain, and available worldwide. Tracking devices can run for months or even years without a battery change, and they work both indoors and outdoors.

smart buildings

Low cost, autonomous and wireless IoT sensors can be installed in a minute all over the buildings to monitor systems such as HVAC, boilers, light, power, fire, and security. They also allow you to monitor and control operational parameters like temperature, occupancy, indoor air quality and humidity, door openings. These sensors run on the same battery for years, allowing you to eliminate the hassle of manual maintenance and control.