utilities & ENERGY

In today’s utility marketplace, efficiency is king. Streamline operations and gain complete, real-time visibility of your entire grid with the latest in IoT technology. The IoT solutions delivers a reliable, user-friendly option for utility grid connectivity.
Powered by LPWA network dedicated to the Internet of Things, these affordable solutions pair well with all types of utility management operations. Reduce costly on-site meter readings and cut down on unnecessary maintenance visits.
Monitor water supply and wastewater networks, remotely survey electrical poles, and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real time.

Now you can monitor water consumption, water treatment station parameters, better anticipate sewerage cleaning and maintenance, detect faults on electrical grids lines effectively reducing cost and unnecessary onsite visits.


No more time and money spent on on-site meter readings and manual data processing of utility and energy consumption. Once activated, connected meters immediately start transmitting data over the network with no pairing or configuration required, and run for years without replacing the battery. You can now monitor and optimize your infrastructure in real time to detect leaks and breakdowns, and service providers can automate billing and remotely activate and deactivate services.

Use Cases: Water, Electricity and Gas Metering

Monitor water facilities simply and remotely

IoT sensors provide crucial data on important water infrastructure conditions, which helps prevent malfunctions and flooding as well as improving maintenance crew efficiency. It’s never been so easy to remotely measure water levels, pressure, turbidity, Ph, salinity, ORP, flow, etc. to prevent overflows, track drinking water supply and monitor the waste water network and treatment operations.

Use Cases: Water treatment plant, Swimming Pools

Maintain stocks at optimum levels

Storage facilities are only useful if companies are able to accurately monitor stock levels. For most companies, the only solution currently available is manual checks, which are time- consuming, costly and inecient.  IoT provides a cost-efective solution for remote and accurate monitoring of stock levels.

Use Cases: Storage tank levels